10 People Who Lived Conflicting Double Lives

Tom Brown Police Chief And Mob Accomplice


To the public, Tom Brown was a picture-perfect policeman, but his double life showed a complete disregard for the laws that he was supposed to enforce and uphold. Brown, better known as Big Tom, earned his claim to fame in the police force after killing an escaped gangster who was wanted for murder. After that notable feat, he was appointed to the St. Paul Police Department’s “Purity Squad,” a means of scrubbing the city clean of less-than-moral underworld dealings. However, Brown would soon begin to see the allure of breaking the law; he was arrested in 1926 for stealing hundreds of gallons of liquor that were seized during a raid. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.Brown continued his downward spiral into his life of crime while donning the uniform. He took bribes and turned a blind eye to his findings as a member of the Purity Squad. He made very powerful connections with very dangerous people—most notably Leon Gleckman, better known as “the Al Capone of St. Paul.” It was his connection with Gleckman, who virtually ran the city council with several of his own gangsters appointed to major positions, that would establish Brown as Chief of Police. In return, he used that station to eliminate Gleckman’s rivals. Brown even assisted famous criminal John Dillinger and worked in cahoots with the violent Barker gang. The heat began to reach Brown himself as law enforcement noticed he was tied too closely to the rise of crime. Surprisingly, Brown faced no charges, but he was removed from the police force by the newly elected mayor.