Top 10 High Altitude Stunts

Nik Wallenda Walks Tightrope Across Niagara Falls


OK, he was forced to wear a tether by his sponsor. For our part, we take him at his word that he would have rather not worn it and acknowledge that he is more than capable of pulling the feat off without the aid of safeguards. Be that as it may, this stunt is relegated to 10th on the list because ABC wasn’t prepared to have millions of people watch Wallenda possibly fall to an early death. Regardless, this high walking stuntman’s accomplishment engaged the imaginations of live viewers at the falls themselves and on worldwide television. Bred from the famous “Flying Wallendas”, a circus family of German descent that spans generations, Nik has many plans for the future. His next feat, if he has it his way, is to traverse the Grand Canyon by way of 2 inch thick wire. Whether he is strapped in or not, we can all respect what he and his family have done for the pushing of human limits.