10 Advanced Methods of Birth Control in Pipeline

SILCS Diaphragm


The SILCS diaphragm is a silicone barrier contraceptive device which is inserted vaginally to cover the cervix.  Its dome is filled with BufferGel that acts both as a spermicide and microbicide that not only immobilizes the sperms but also kills them and fights infections. It functions identically to a normal contraceptive diaphragm, but avoids the need for many sizes and a pelvic exam for a correct fit; it is designed as a “one size fits most” device. The designers of the device relied heavily on results from studies of current and former diaphragm users and clinicians to improve acceptability and satisfaction. Women are evaluating the new device for comfort and ease-of-use in studies, underway in the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States.