10 Most Revolutionary Keyboards

Medical Keyboard


Cherry Electrical Products has introduced its J84-2800 Series washable keyboard for the healthcare/medical market. The keyboard helps control the spread of infections in medical facilities, an issue critical to the healthcare industry. A keyboard can always be a source of infection and dirt. Cherry’s J84-2800 Series keyboard features a fully-sealed rubber casing rated to NEMA 4. This makes it suitable for rinsing and total immersion in cleaning fluids, allowing healthcare providers and other users to wash the keyboard with hospital-grade disinfectants and commercial anti-bacterial wipes. It is suitable for areas with strict hygiene demands, such as operating rooms, medical carts, ward stations, intensive care units, and dialysis centers, as well as other locations susceptible to cross-contamination. Moreover what’s cool about this keyboard is that it is like the awesome roll over keyboard that you can roll up and put it in your pocket.